Current fitness education is consistently returning to the fundamentals of full body training for the most long term benefits. CrossFit certainly fits the bill.  CrossFit enthusiasts recognize their practice as ‘the sport of fitness’.  Evolving in the 1970’s from the training methods developed by gymnast Greg Glassman in his garage in Santa Cruz, CrossFit employs various calisthenics, free weight lifting, gymnastics movements, and cardiovascular training. Characterized by variable workouts that are short but intense, CrossFit strives to improve functional fitness for life at every age.

With their passion for attaining peak physical health, commitment to regular workouts and a desire to maintain the social interaction from coaches and fellow members, injuries are especially frustrating to CrossFitters.  We can help!  Being able to “scale” certain movements allows them to continue to attend classes, even with an injury.  Applying proper strength training principles while understanding and maintaining good form will reduce the risk of further injury and help CrossFit enthusiasts stay in the game.

Therapists at Maximum continue to provide this expert support for many CrossFit athletes.  We know how important it is for our clients to maintain their regular fitness regime, and are dedicated to finding ways to do this.