Custom Knee Braces Collingwood

custom orthotics collingwood

What are Custom Knee Braces?

Our most common custom knee brace provides stability for weak ligaments at the knee, including post – surgery. 

We also fit custom knee braces for osteoarthritis – where we can unload the medial or lateral compartment of the knee, providing relief.  

Clients need to know what the brace will be required for before they come into the clinic. 



    custom orthotics collingwood

    The Brace Fitting Process

    The fitting take place in the clinic and requires a maximum of 30 minutes. 

    We get the client’s leg measurements from our sophisticated app. The images we capture provide precise anatomical details needed for an accurate brace fit. 

    Our custom knee brace measurements are then sent instantly from our clinic in Collingwood, Ontario to VQ Orthocare to be manufactired – no time wasted! We typically get the brace back in 1 week.