Kinesio-Tape Collingwood

We love finding the best ways to help our clients in between treatments. Kinesiology tape is one of the ways we keep you moving as best as you can.

Kinesio-Tape Collingwood is made of 100% cotton fibers with elastic properties, making it durable, comfortable and very flexible. It is also latex-free, hypo-allergenic and can last a few days through sweat, humidity and showers.

Kinesio-Tape does not restrict movement, instead it helps to facilitate muscle function. Because of the tension built into the tape, it will always pull towards the anchor point. If a muscle is weak, kinesiology tape can be applied to that muscle to specifically facilitate the contraction of the muscle fibres and thus reduce muscle fatigue. If a muscle is tight or short, kinesiology tape can be applied to that muscle to relax the muscle fibres. Both of these applications can lead to increased range of motion and decreased pain

This tape will help by:

  • Improving muscle function to control and support the muscles
  • Releasing pressure in tissues
  • Supporting joint function by changing the tension of the muscles
  • Reducing pain by overriding the pain stimulus and activating the mechanoreceptors in the sore area
  • Lymphatic drainage


Maximum Physiotherapy can apply the tape for you, or we can sell you a roll and  teach you how to apply it yourself!