Kinesiology tape is uniquely designed elastic tape constructed of cotton and elastic fibers.   It is breathable and has the same approximate thickness as our skin which makes it more comfortable than most other types of tape. The tape’s elasticity is 40-60% of its resting length and stretches along it long axis only.  The adhesive part of it is medical grade and heat activated.  There is no medicine in the tape, it is hypoallergenic and it is latex free!

The elasticity of the tape can help to either stimulate or detonify a muscle, and provide proprioceptive feedback to the sensory nerves on the skin.

It can enhance the function and positively influence muscle, fascia, tendon, ligament, circulation, and pathological movement patterns.  It is used to treat clients with muscle imbalance, postural issues, ligament, tendon and joint injuries, and so much more! Kinesiology tape can be combined with any other therapeutic modality (heat, manual therapy, electrostimulation, acupuncture etc.  It can be worn for 3-5 days with continued therapeutic benefit.   Kinesiology tape is appropriate for any stage of your injury or treatment plan – from acute to chronic. Although millions of athletes have benefitted from the application of kinesiology tape, most of the applications are for non-athletes. There are many brand names of kinesiology tape which vary in quality – usually elasticity and durability.  We have tried many brands and have decided that Kinesio Tex Gold is superior.

Other Tape:

We also use zinc-oxide athletic tape, whose primary purpose is for support and not rehabilitation, and has limited wear time.

Leukotape is used in our clinic, mostly for McConnell knee taping.

Kinesiology Tape