Stay Injury Free

When your knees hurt from running, we don’t want to tell you to stop running, we want to find a way you can continue to do the activities you love – without pain.  Our goal with a reoccurring injury is not to eliminate the activity, and not just to alleviate the pain, but to pinpoint the culprit that is causing the pain, so we can more easily prevent any future episodes.

We will prescribe an individualized exercise program with a progressive strength component, and we make sure you are independent and confident with your program before discharge.  We want you to graduate and get “out the door” and back to what moves you, as quickly as possible, with ammunition to stay injury-free.

When you graduate you will be stronger than you were pre-injury to reduce the chance of getting injured again.

It’s all about EMPOWERING you, by passing on our knowledge and expertise!